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GUANGXI PROGREEN PACKAGING CO., LTD is a Specializes in greener premium packaging solutions since 2020, empowering our customers for success and competitive edge through innovative packaging solutions. Our extensive range includes ice cream containers, coffee cups, food wraps, boxes, clear cups, and paper bags for ice cream, food service , and confectionery industries.

Factory ice cream packaging
Factory paper cup

Production workshop

Unique Geographical Advantage

Located strategically in the China-ASEAN Green Creative Printing Industry Park in Nanning, our factory enjoys distinct geographical advantages and robust national support. It serves as a central hub for the green, intelligent, high-tech, and creative printing and packaging industry.

Independent Workshops for Quality Assurance

At ProGreenPack, we maintain independent workshops, each spanning within 1000㎡, ensuring a clean, safe, and efficient working environment. This commitment positively impacts product quality and production efficiency.

Environmentally Conscious Approach

Aligned with our eco-friendly philosophy, ProGreenPack integrates cutting-edge printing technologies and biodegradable materials into our processes. This allows us to deliver high-quality products while minimizing our environmental footprint.

State-of-the-Art Production Capabilities

With an annual production capacity exceeding 100 million cups, bags, and paper boxes, ProGreenPack is equipped with flexo printing machines capable of 8-color printing. Additionally, we operate over 50 cup-making machines, high-speed bag-making machines, and box-making machines

Environmentally Conscious Approach

Our expertise extends to incorporating foil stamping, embossing, and velvet techniques into our products, demonstrating our commitment to diverse and innovative packaging solutions.

Global Presence and Open-Door Policy

With innovative packaging solutions and a strong reputation, our business extends to over 30 countries across Oceania, North America, Europe, and the Middle East. We maintain an open-door policy for all customers and welcome inquiries. Feel free to visit us!

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